1. Morrie is a professor of
(A) Molecular Biology
(B) Comparative Literature
(C) Sociology
(D) Psychology

2. What is Morrie's favorite hobby?
(A) Playing checkers
(B) Watching afternoon soap operas
(C) Gambling
(D) Dancing

3. What is Mitch's professional occupation?
(A) A journalist
(B) A newscaster
(C) A musician
(D) A computer technician

4. After surrendering to failure, Mitch gave up on is passion for
(A) Sports
(B) Sociology
(C) Music
(D) Writing

5. What instrument did Mitch play when he was young?
(A) The accordion
(B) The piano
(C) The violin
(D) The bass drum

6. What television show features a series of interviews with Morrie?
(A) Dateline
(B) Charlie Rose
(C) twenty/20
(D) Nightline

7. What did Mitch do to look older in college?
(A) Drank alcohol
(B) Acted tough
(C) Dated older women
(D) Took a part-time job

8. On what topic does Mitch write his honors thesis at Brandeis?
(A) Sports as a religion
(B) Morrie's as a mentor
(C) Victorian-era feminism
(D) Medieval religious art

9. How did Morrie hear of his Mother's death?
(A) He read the telegram notice that announced she had died
(B) He received a letter from his aunt
(C) His father told him when he arrived home from school
(D) His brother gently broke the news to him over dinner.

10. What does Mitch bring Morrie each week as a gift?
(A) A box of expensive chocolates
(B) Copies of his favorite books.
(C) Food
(D) Movies

11. If given the chance, Morrie would choose to be reincarnated as
(A) Another version of himself
(B) A gazelle
(C) Mitch's first child
(D) A zebra

12. What illness does Peter suffer from?
(A) Colon cancer
(B) Pancreatic cancer
(C) Lung cancer

13. What does ALS stand for?
(A) Alzheimer's disease
(B) A-typical Ligamentary Structure
(C) Amyotrophic Lung Seizure
(D) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gherig's disease

14. What gift does Mitch give to Morrie after his graduation from Brandeis?
(A) A monogrammed briefcase
(B) A cassette tape of his favorite songs
(C) A copy of his published honors thesis
(D) A framed picture of them together

15. What has Morrie been encouraging Mitch to do since high school?
(A) Work in publishing
(B) Go to graduate school
(C) Cry
(D) Call him

16. What is the catalyst for Mitch's surrender to the corporate world?
(A) His daughter's birth
(B) His father's death
(C) His uncle's death
(D) Marriage

17. Before his first interview with Ted Koppel, Morrie
(A) Interviews Koppel
(B) Dresses nicely in a suit and tie
(C) Has his picture taken with Koppel and his crew
(D) Tells Koppel how honored he is to be the subject of his interview

18. Morrie admits that he had thought of Ted Koppel as a
(A) Poor interviewer
(B) Greedy celebrity
(C) Narcissist
(D) Great guy

19. Mitch nicknames Morrie
(A) Buddy
(B) Coach
(C) Mack
(D) Daddy - O

20. Why, one year, does Morrie give all of his male students A grades?
(A) To spite the dean
(B) To irritate the feminists
(C) To prevent them from being drafted to serve in the Vietnam War
(D) Because he believes that letter grades bear no meaning

21. What does Morrie mean by "tension of opposites"?
(A) Life is like a wrestling match; love always wins
(B) Love struggles against hate
(C) The good struggle against the bad
(D) Life is like a baseball game; love always wins

22. Why is Mitch out of a job?
(A) He was fired
(B) He quit because he wanted to pursue a more meaningful vocation
(C) His column has been suspended
(D) His union is striking

23. Morrie repeatedly tells Mitch that he must create his own
(A) Religion
(B) Life
(C) Relationships
(D) Culture

24. Who is Morrie's favorite poet?
(A) Charles Bukowski
(B) Sharon Olds
(C) W.H. Auden
(D) W.B. Yeats

25. Morrie continually emphasizes that
(A) Love is less important than happiness
(B) Money is less important than liking one's job
(C) Money is more important than love
(D) Love is more important than money

26. Throughout the book, the deterioration of Morrie's body is symbolically compared to
(A) The orange cactus plant
(B) The tank of goldfish
(C) The spruce tree outside his window
(D) The pink hibiscus plant

































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